Never enough time

Let us face it, we have all woken up and thought, “I can still stay in bed for another 5 minutes and still achieve all the morning yard duties before I need to be at work.” Those critical 5 minutes can be the difference between you being a caffeine hugging lunatic till noon or a model like calm demeanour. Come on, admit it. We have all been the former more often than we would like to admit.

So at some unearthly hour in the morning, with our favourite stable tools gathered and hauling the water buckets to and fro… you get a light bulb moment.  But, then you also end up getting water down the side of your boot, now you have a very wet sock to contend with as well as your light bulb moment. With this in mind standing there with a crooked shoulder and a wet sock, you finally realise something has to change in your life.

There are several options:

  1. Your already diminishing social life events have to go.
  2. Your Job wait… no that can’t go, FYI you need money to have horses!
  3. Your eager family that you should really pay more attention to. They would understand hopefully, eventually, sort of.
  4. The totally understanding other-half which rings you when dinner is ready and you turn up 2 hours later to a plate warming in the oven … oops!
  5. The midyear summer holiday you saved for. That money can go towards having your horse on part livery, but then you lose your holiday away – bet the other half would be pleased about that.

I just can’t win…

You need all the above to maintain some sort of normal life, or as normal as an equestrian life is. I cannot sit watching TV all weekend and not have a horse.

So what do I do?

What every normal equestrian does in this crisis.

I go buy another horse.



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